If they make you an option, make them your history.
bootstrap own empire from your history.

Sasi Sivakumar

Founder & DOO

Fourcup Technologies

Working to Reinforce our system of development to build business solutions in various domain on Software as a Service & Educational platforms.
Education is always an ultimate way of growth. We in Fourcup engraft students to empower their inner power of innovation towards socio-technical society.


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

2012 – 2016


  • 5+ Years of  Industrial Experience as Member Technical Staff – QA (Sr. Test Engineer)
  • 2+ Years Entrepreneurship experience in Fourcup Technologies
  • 3+ Years of Freelance experience as Online Professional Training

2016 – Present


  • Fourcup Inc
  • Zoho Corp
  • Aithent Tech
  • Glister Tech
  • fcPouch
  • fcMArt
  • fcFresh
  • Zoho SalesIQ
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Aithent Fraud Manager


Fourcup Inc.

September, 2018