A Bootstrapped tech Company

Know about Fourcup Technologies

We are building the world’s smartest global source of  TECHNICAL INTELLIGENCE   EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION and power decisions that matters

Reinforcing our system of development to build software in Software as a Service & Education technology. 
Our business softwares help customers to make good capital of their business.
We craft of our Business Enterprise software(s) requires minimal customisation and less maintenance with high end privacy and data security
Fourcup cover insights of Education system and builds a best Education software that makes breakthrough in a typical Educational policies.

We believe public-private innovation will power the future of humanity.
We equipe the power of predictive analytics to guide student engagement, advising workflows, course evaluation, and institutional management. Inspire a generation of learners. Support and empower teachers.

Fourcup’s mission is to unlock opportunity for World’s workforce through education, with a double-bottom line business model that does well by doing good. We balance autonomy with accountability and empower employees to deliver on our mission.
In a world where the only constant is change – we thrive on remaining agile and delivering the right solutions in the moment.

Fourcup is a tech craft  company building business softwares helps to solve customer problems & helps to promote their business to world class initiative.  As a startup we hire skill based candidates who are passionated towards learning & development.

Fourcup never look for Graduation or percentage.
We always care for employee’s  attitude, dedication & skills towards work and culture

We have a comprehensive program to give better Education and training for School, Colleges and also for fresher / experienced candidates to make their skills strong. we call this program as Fourcup Schools of Profession. We hire a top talented candidates of our training program into Fourcup Inc., to make development as better craft making.